“A long tradition
in the production
of porcelain stoneware floor tiles
is renewed through the research
and experimentation of new
styles for contemporary living”

Ceramic Evolution

In 50 years of ceramic tradition, we have built a business based on creativity, intelligence and spirit of renewal which today is the heart and soul of a dynamic Italian company. Supported by the passion, professionalism and skills of all those who work with us, we design porcelain stoneware floors with an Italian design to meet an ever-changing world. This is how we have always perceived our exclusive range of ceramic tiles: with dynamism, originality and expertise, using production processes characterised by quality and technological innovation.

Fio. is a line of products that combines DESIGN AND TRENDS, CRAFTSMANSHIP AND TECHNOLOGY, summarizing our history of manufacturing excellence.
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LifeTiles is the new digital magazine by Fioranese that aims to offer readers news from the world of design and stories about ceramics.
We love design everywhere!

April 2020

We love design everywhere!

Furnishing the living area in style

Porcelain stoneware: why it’s a good choice?

March 2020

Porcelain stoneware: why it’s a good choice?

Lots of finishes and unique characteristics, for a product you can trust 100%

Masseria San Giovanni: Apulia at its most beautiful

February 2020

Masseria San Giovanni: Apulia at its most beautiful

Nature and design in a unique project to fall immediately in love with

Color trend: nel blu dipinto di blu!

January 2020

Color trend: nel blu dipinto di blu!

Pantone 2020: Classic Blue is the new “must” of style and design



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