Ceramica Fioranese’s new logo


Ceramica Fioranese’s new logo

The identity of a company is enclosed in the shape and characters of its logo: a primary element inextricably linked to the brand promise and values.

The logo does not only contain the enterprise’s distinctive features but also its history and the experience matured by the public in its regard; characteristics which, for Ceramica Fioranese, have gradually developed over time and which today represent a precise corporate reality: from ceramic tile manufacturer to an increasingly consumer-oriented industry with innovative solutions for Interior Design.

The awareness of this fact prompted Ceramica Fioranese to renew its own identity, starting from its logo: a stronger, more compact image, instantly recognisable and extraordinarily representative of a philosophy which, through 50 years of tradition and experience in ceramics, projects itself into the contemporary age.

An essentiality of expression that underlines the modernity and dynamism of a brand able to offer original solutions for the world of design: functionality and technology, but also pragmatism and innovative aesthetic qualities characterise a range organised on the basis of the chief characteristics of the materials and their uses. Stone, metal, wood are transformed into superb ceramic products interpreted with contemporary graphics and colours, for environments with a stylised appeal and a reassuring warmth.

The historical heritage, the consciousness of possessing a certain “savoir faire” give added value to the logo, a sort of “soul” that gathers strength and is encapsulated in the word itself: Fioranese. Innovation, rooted in a wealth of experience, zeal and courage, is depicted with a new energy through the rigorous image of the logo, symbol also of individual and collective values, among which the spirit of sharing and sense of belonging that pervades the entire company.