Innovation and sustainability

Our ceramic is for certified wall tiles because sustainable development is both a duty and responsibility for us.

We produce high quality ceramic wall tiles that are long-lasting and resistant, focusing on energy savings and a reduction in polluting sources to protect the environment.

Research and the application of innovative tools and technological processes in the production of indoor and outdoor wall coverings conveys the business strategy of Ceramica Fioranese which is based on the principles of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Sustainability is a continuous and in-depth process that involves all aspects of the company: from the quality of the products, to the experience of those who use them. We follow virtuous ethical and eco-friendly principles aimed at increasing safety to offer products that meet the declared standards of aesthetics, physical characteristics and technical performance, and that are long-lasting and renewable over time.

We produce long-lasting and resistant eco-friendly wall tiles in porcelain stoneware, supporting a series of concrete actions such as energy saving, optimisation of waste production, reduction of polluting sources. For us, sustainability means reducing environmental impact by maximising the use of recycled materials to reduce the use of natural raw materials. Our efforts have long been aimed at reducing energy consumption, water consumption, CO2 emissions and atmospheric emissions, thanks to production plants equipped with the best available technologies that meet the applicable regulations, and a management system designed to minimise waste.

The safety and physical-mental wellbeing of people is our absolute priority which we pursue through continuous technical and organisational implementations, as well as training and refresher programs that ensure compliance with the established safety and environmental standards.

Ceramica Fioranese recently obtained the certification to attest that its occupational health and safety management system is implemented in compliance with the BS OHSAS 18001:07 standard, the main reference in the field of safety management. Italian company organisation models that comply with the OHSAS British Standard must also meet strict requirements regarding the organisational structure, planned activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures and resources, with a systematic approach to managing occupational health and safety and to developing and implementing the business policy.

Today we can proudly say that all our plants are ISO 14001:2004 and EMAS certified, the most selective environmental certification for processes in Europe, with the awareness that this is not an achievement, but an incentive to continue to produce wall tiles in accordance with sustainable development principles.

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