FIORANESE “yes we create” @Cersaie23


FIORANESE “yes we create” @Cersaie23

For Fioranese, Cersaie represents a crucial point of contact with both national and international professionals in the industry, as well as an excellent opportunity to connect with designers eager to learn about new proposals and customers who want to be kept up to date on the progress and evolution of ceramics in real-time.

This year, as Cersaie marks its 40th anniversary, a number of events have made Fioranese a protagonist of the Bolognese week.

As one of the standout products in the ‘Route 40‘ exhibition – which showcased the main product innovations that have made Italian ceramics and bathroom furnishings a symbol of excellence worldwide – the curators also chose Cementine 20 by Fioranese, presented for the first time at Cersaie 2013 and named “Product of the Year.” The Riggiole collection, exhibited at Cersaie last year, was featured in the ‘Route 40’ video.

But that’s not all. Cementine by Silvia Stanzani Design received a well-deserved recognition as part of the “ADI CERAMICS & BATHROOM DESIGN AWARD 2023” with the following motivation: “A special mention for a product that, over the span of ten years and nine collections, has built a highly successful typological model by reinventing Italian tradition through technology, design and production.”

It was also a special appointment for Fioranese’s outstanding collection, Italian Landscape by 23Bassi, which was previously unveiled at Milan’s Fuorisalone 2023 and even caught the attention of ELLE DECOR. In addition to its acclaimed installation at Cersaie, Italian Landscape took centre stage at the “Video Mapping in Corte”, a two-evening event hosted at Bologna’s prestigious Palazzo Aldrovandi. Architects Chiara Frigerio and Andrea Roscini from 23Bassi were notable attendees at this first meeting.

Now, let’s explore some of Fioranese’s latest collections that have captured the attention and sparked curiosity due to their originality and beauty.
In the ŌGI collection, the fusion of cement and grandeur of Maiolica resulted in a remarkable contrast between the industrial material and shiny finish, as well as the beautiful decoration featuring large-scale geometric patterns in white glazed ceramic, telling stories of craftsmanship and history.
The BRIDGE collection unveiled the new ROMBO format, designed to be used on its own or combined with the matching chevron pattern, offering endless possibilities for single- and multi-colour arrangements. Bridge is a range of four distinct wood types, complemented by decors inspired by the distinctive Cementine 20.
Fioranese has interpreted the sophisticated onyx effect, adding two new colours to the UNICA collection. The result is a very elegant material with a strong personality and an exclusive soul. With the two new colour variants, Misty Rose and Crystal White, this collection enables the creation of extraordinary graphic effects in spaces that exude an elegant and refined mood.
Lastly, the latest offerings are accompanied by two stone-effect products, described below.
The SENZATEMPO collection evokes a freshly quarried stone, cut and polished to preserve its natural beauty. Its small cavities not yet violated by the passage of time and its chalky, uniform appearance convey an unspoiled charm.
AUTENTICA is a collection inspired by two natural limestones which embody both sobriety and refinement. The authentic quality of this range stands out in any setting, whether in elegant historical residences or more modern design spaces, providing a sense of grandeur and style while ensuring a sophisticated and welcoming ambience.

Booth project & styling: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

We look forward to seeing you at the next Cersaie, which will be held in Bologna from 23 to 27 September 2024!