The colour range features a number of unexpected variations that express a return to colour and the need to mark increasingly eclectic living spaces with our own personality. Neutral colours combine with a deep red packed with character, a forest green that offers a fresh take on tradition and a subtle yellow shade that brings a nostalgic air. There are no compromises when these colours are used: their depth and distinctive charm allow for eye-catching combinations in endless nuances, for truly creative wall coverings.


Curated by Davide Tonelli


Colour options

Bianco 30,2x60,4

Avorio 30,2x60,4

Grigio 30,2x60,4

Grafite 30,2x60,4

Biking Red 30,2x60,4

Eden Green 30,2x60,4

Honey 30,2x60,4

Bianco 30,2x30,2

Avorio 30,2x30,2

Grigio 30,2x30,2

Grafite 30,2x30,2

Biking Red 30,2x30,2

Eden Green 30,2x30,2

Honey 30,2x30,2


30,2x60,4 - 30,2x30,2

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