In-depth research into materials and visual effects to reproduce the sensations of precious quarry marble surfaces, bringing life to surfaces with great depth and luminosity.  The digital decoration technology has successfully developed the typical colours and shading of the most classic marbles, reproducing their characteristic variability on porcelain stoneware.


Colour options

Bianco Gioia effect

Bianco Gioia effect Deco

Bianco Calacatta effect

Bianco Calacatta effect Deco

Bianco Statuario effect

Bianco Statuario effect Deco

Grigio Imperiale effect

Grigio Imperiale effect Deco

Port Laurent effect

Port Laurent effect Deco


74x148 - 74x74 - 60x60 - 30x60 - 15x15 - 7,5x30

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