A collection with a sophisticated graphic impact in contrasting black and white, with a distinctive, slightly worn effect that creates a traditional allure.
Riggiole comes in three sizes. The signature feature of the collection is the 90×90 size, followed by the more traditional 30×30 and 20×20 options. The decoration has a strikingly hand-crafted look, reminiscent of the skills of the ceramists of centuries ago, establishing a link between past and present. This rich variety of options allows for the design of original patchwork-style porcelain stoneware floors, as well as regular, repetitive laying patterns.

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Curated by Davide Tonelli


Colour options

Bianco 90x90

Bianco Mix 90x90

Deco_1 90x90

Posa Deco_1 90x90

Deco_2 90x90

Posa Deco_2 90x90

Deco_3 90x90

Posa Deco_3 90x90

Deco_4 90x90

Posa Deco_4 90x90

Deco_5 90x90

Posa Deco_5 90x90

Deco_6 90x90

Posa Deco_6 90x90

Bianco Mix 20x20

Nero Mix 20x20

Deco_1 20x20

Posa Deco_1 20x20

Deco_2 20x20

Posa Deco_2 20x20

Deco_3 20x20

Posa Deco_3 20x20

Deco_4 20x20

Posa Deco_4 20x20

Deco_5 20x20

Posa Deco_5 20x20

Bianco Mix 30x30

Nero Mix 30x30


90x90 - 30x30 - 20x20

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