From an idea derived from the collaboration with “Neropaco”, the poetry of wood meets the strong character of concrete in an elegant, sophisticated ceramic combination.
Two materials apparently far-removed from one another strike a balance between shape and design that’s perfect for distinctive, modern settings. The grain of the wood settles right into the concrete-effect tiles, bring a vibrant yet delicate touch to them.
The blend of the two materials that inspired the collection is especially evident in the decor elements: the cool, neutral shades of the concrete are discreetly teamed with woods that cross through the ceramic surface: lines or little fragments of Fraké form geometric or random patterns, bringing a new form of expression to the material.


Designed by Neropaco


Colour options

Cemento1 Bianco

Cemento2 Greige

Cemento3 Grigio

Cemento4 Nero

Fraké Avorio

Fraké Beige

Fraké Naturale

Fraké Tortora


120x120 - 90x90 - 60x120 - 60x60 - 30x60 - 20x120

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