The research and care in reviving the beauty and elegance of a noble product such as travertine, led to the creation of stone-effect porcelain stoneware with great technical and aesthetic value.
The graphic texture, characterised by homogeneous and striped streaks, transforms the surfaces into scenic design, always different but with great design and aesthetic possibilities.
The collection features the LUX finish, which is available in the 60×120 size: a polished finish that emphasises the depth of the graphics and gives an extra touch of sophistication to the collection.
The overall mood brings elegance and warmth to environments where modernity and classicism merge, creating something more authentic while lending the space a refined and contemporary look.


Colour options







75,5x151 - 60x120 - 60,4x120,8 - 20,13x120,8 - 45,3x90,6 - 60,4x60,4 - 30,2x60,4 - 30,2x30,2 - 7,5x30,2

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