A project by Design Continuum has received a COMMERCIAL HONORABLE MENTION in the TILE COMPETITION 2020.
Located in what was once the Library of Charleston County, the Bennett Hotel is now a luxury hospitality facility of around 16,000 square metres, with 179 rooms and suites. The challenge faced by the architects of Design Continuum was to design a space with a European style, with a particular charm inspired by a number of different historical eras. To this end, Italian ceramics suitable for the era feature widely throughout the building and its facilities, with superior expertise and a careful approach to design evident throughout. We are pleased to note the presence of the Cementine_20 tiles by Fioranese, with the distinctive “floral” look of the Cementina_2 laying scheme, which decorates the floor of as pastry shop in French style.

Project by: Design Continuum, Inc.
Photographers: David Allen; Library Associates, LLC/ Bennett Hospitality; Joseph Heath; Clovis LaCour; David Laudadio

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