Amelia is a village in Umbria founded earlier than Rome, perched on limestone rock and replete with hidden corners, walls and Roman cisterns.
The surrounding countryside hosts some marvellous farmhouses, such as this renovation of a centuries-old stone construction composed of two buildings. The owners wanted to maintain the local colours and materials, but without sacrificing the practical characteristics and technical performance of the stone-effect porcelain stoneware in the MONTPELLIER and HERITAGE collections by Fioranese.
The Montpellier collection is also featured in the outdoor paving of the main building and the annex, with the 2cm version used under the porticos and around the pool edge.
The inevitable Fioranese decorative touch is evident in the CEMENTINE_RETRÒ and FORMELLE_20 collections used in two of the bathrooms.

Project by the architect Sergio Melchiorri

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