This dual-style eatery in Pescara teams traditional cooking with the experience of shopping straight from the farm, and the result of this combination is a warm, inviting atmosphere evocative of the past, also thanks to the materials used.
The idea for this format comes from the entrepreneurs Daniele Capperi and his sister Federica.
“I’ve travelled a lot, and I’ve taken on board everything I’ve seen, so it came natural to me to interpret those experiences to create a concept designed to place the accent on the Abruzzo area and its tradition. Our aim is to help guests rediscover the local flavours, reminiscent of the home cooking of our grandmothers, while at the same time bringing a ‘smart & easy’ touch, also as regards the interior design. We didn’t want a formal setting, but rather an inviting, familiar atmosphere, suitable for guests of all types and all ages, looking for a quality menu”, explains Daniele Capperi. The concept of ‘eat what you see, and buy what you eat’, used as the slogan of the restaurant, is reflected in how the space is conceived
The Fioranese CEMENTINE_20 porcelain stoneware collection, in the colour mix, gives the floor a nostalgic, retro look. The laying scheme, which runs to the entrance-exit, maps out the pattern of visitor flows, creating an “inviting” effect according to Capperi. The beautiful colours of old-style tiles, which highlights the functional appeal of the ceramics, is echoed in the colours of the seating.

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