The aim of the work was the recovery and architectural and functional redevelopment of La Cozza Restaurant, which over the years has evolved from a simple pile-dwelling in the water where mussels could be purchased into a sophisticated restaurant looking onto the sea, where not even the smallest detail is left to chance.
The young project designer from Puglia, Rocco De Lentinis, a huge architecture and interior design enthusiast, came up with a restyling project able to represent the constant, fluid dialogue between memory and design.
The careful selection of materials able to withstand corrosion and at the same time able to guarantee a measure of originality and an attractive interaction – also in terms of colour – has yielded a result that is both extremely functional and impressively stylish. The “vintage” nuance of the Fioranese CEMENTINE20 tiles in the versions MIX, Posa_3 and Posa_5 – together with local stone, whitened laminated Fir wood, composite wood, steel and glass – has a key role to play in this architectural redevelopment project.

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