In the words of Elisa Monico, engineer and interior designer, as well as a successful blogger with more than 83,000 followers on Instagram with EasyRelooking: I often say that there are two sides to me: the rationality and precision of the engineer, and the creativity and new ideas of the interior designer. Sounds impossible, but it’s the truth!
This approach is evident in this project for the comprehensive renovation of an apartment in Milan, in the central De Angeli area, where technical skill and a love of design come together even in the kitchen. The original decision to combine the walls with custom-made panes of smoked bronze glass, complemented by the romantic style of the CEMENTINE BOHO tiles by Fioranese on the floor, in the Boho_1 laying pattern, shapes bright spaces with a simple yet warm and welcoming style.

Project by: Elisa Monico EasyRelooking (

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