Design your space with our ceramics

LIVING ROOM - kitchen 
Kitchen tiles characterise a place of meeting and sharing which widens its horizons to the pleasure of culinary experiences in the company of family and friends according to new habits and lifestyles.
The Ceramica Fioranese kitchen tiles highlight the fundamental aspect of an environment that is more and more open and connected to the living area, in a seamless manner. The need for functionality is united to the search for a contemporary design to meet different tastes and styles, and this is where the new collections of kitchen tiles find their natural habitat

The space of personal wellbeing and care opens itself up to new interpretations to become the heart and soul of the home, with bathroom and wall tiles that coordinate with new “wellness” solutions in public and private settings. Ceramica Fioranese has always perceived the bathroom as a place where aesthetics and functionality are constantly evolving. For this reason, it offers collections of porcelain stoneware bathroom tiles that can be interpreted creatively to create new interior design solutions. The wood, marble, stone or concrete effect bathroom and wall tiles can be combined with coordinated wall coverings or ceramic tiles with a different aesthetic look to create a very modern “crossover” effect.
In the place of intimacy, the desire for relaxation is accompanied by the search for bedroom tiles in porcelain stoneware with a harmonious look, able to convey warmth and practicality.
Ceramica Fioranese has beautifully redesigned the naturalness and charm of wood, stone, marble and concrete effect surfaces to offer versatile and beautiful bedroom tiles, combining high technical resistance, durability and easy maintenance.
The refined variability of surfaces inspired by natural materials or characterised by the contemporary recovery of classic decorations give the bedroom floors a unique and captivating charm.
In private residences, as well as public areas, there is a growing need to live in the open air surrounded by maximum comfort and a sophisticated design that also extends to outdoor flooring.
Ceramica Fioranese offers a wide range of outdoor flooring in porcelain stoneware, inspired by the natural beauty of wood, stone and concrete, and interpreted in a contemporary way with patterns and colours that suit different tastes and very personal styles. A new generation of porcelain stoneware tiles offer superior slip resistance, impact resistance and durability to outdoor flooring, opening new scenarios of design in harmony with contemporary architectural styles.
Indoor floor and wall tiles in porcelain stoneware offer exclusive solutions for spaces dedicated to privacy, socialisation or relaxation, intimate, comfortable and elegant.
Made using excellent materials with cutting-edge performances and aesthetics, the Ceramica Fioranese collections are an amalgamation of design and technology conceived to give shape to indoor floor tiles and solutions for any public or commercial environment such as restaurants, shops, offices, wellness centres. The request for traffic and impact resistant indoor floor tiles becomes a necessity as does the choice of a sophisticated and contemporary look.
Ceramica Fioranese’s Cementine is a perfect encounter between tradition and design that evolves the theme of the decoration through a recovery that has now become “trendy”, reinterpreted in new colours and styles.
Cementine is a collection of different porcelain stoneware tiles inspired by traditional concrete pavers, square or hexagon, reproposed in the dominating tones of grey and brick and in the new interpretation of flowers, fret patterns, frieze decorations, inspired by the liberty and art deco styles.
Graphic references bring to mind the porous and natural materials, looking for imperfections and updating them with subtle irony through sophisticated contemporary graphics. Cementine brings decorative solutions filled with experience and history to the kitchen, living area and bathroom, to create modern walls and floors with an exclusive appeal.
The ceramic surface of Ceramica Fioranese’s wood-effect porcelain stoneware recreates the warmth and variable nature of the veining of different types of wood.
A mix of surfaces and sizes evoke beautiful “aged” effects interpreted by the new colours, radiating the original tones of the natural beauty of wood. The wood effect porcelain stoneware collections combine the technical advantages of porcelain stoneware with the quality and elegance of wood, to create warm and enveloping atmospheres. Ideal for floors and walls in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room, with an essential and contemporary style.
The concrete and resin effect tiles by Ceramica Fioranese restore the essential, minimal, striking style of timeless, limitless ceramic surfaces, inspired by industrial architecture and urban style.
Neutral shades with a sophisticated look are the hallmark of our porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles, reminiscent of the plasterwork of metropolitan lofts, the concrete floors of industrial warehouses and the distinctive appearance of spatula-applied resin surfaces, bringing these sensations to public and residential kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.
Versatile and sophisticated, the concrete and resin effect tiles by Ceramica Fioranese boast a strikingly original appearance, making them especially suitable for new interior design products that combine traditional and modern elements, with a novel, creative spirit.
Ceramica Fioranese’s floor and wall tiles in stone effect porcelain stoneware enclose the authentic and changing beauty of natural stone and brick in their numerous aesthetic variations, with high technical performances and versatility of use that only porcelain stoneware can guarantee.
Many different sizes and surfaces inspired by the colours and shading variations of natural stone offer continuity between the floor and wall, and beautiful multi-sized combinations for indoor and outdoor spaces. Ceramica Fioranese’s stone effect porcelain stoneware is ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, living room and for public spaces where the authenticity of nature can be savoured to create intense and profound surfaces.
Ceramica Fioranese’s marble effect porcelain stoneware highlights the elegant beauty of natural marble through a harmonious balance of veins, nuances and tone-on-tone shade variations.
A wide range of sizes and finishes for coordinated walls and floors are available to set free the luminous beauty of marble effect porcelain stoneware in its most technical and effective style, faithfully reproduced on the ceramic surface with high technical performances that give a special charm to residential and commercials settings.
The metal-effect porcelain stoneware by Ceramica Fioranese offers an interpretation of the appealing glow of steel, iron and copper with their shifting colour effects and reflections.
A natural, industrial allure is the hallmark of these metal-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces, which offer frosted or slightly worn effects, along with textures and patterns inspired by the various processes and finishes typical of this material. The strong, expressive character of the metal makes for an original solution that can be combined with other wood-effect or stone-effect surfaces, creating a mix with an eclectic, contemporary rhythm, backed by the excellent performance of porcelain stoneware, ideal for residential and commercial settings.